99% Primaeval Fresh Bamboo Soothing Gel


Contains 99% of bamboo extract which provides cooling effect while deeply moisturized the skin


99% Primaeval Fresh Bamboo Soothing Gel

Contains 99% of bamboo extract which provides cooling effect while deeply moisturized the skin

Main Ingredients:

  • 99% of bamboo extract able to refines dead skin cells and purifies skin, help skin retain moisture and elasticity

  • Contains Green Tea extract that able to assists with pore contraction through anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory activity, help to keep skin refresh and soft,

  • Contains Sea Buckthorn Fruit, natural vitamin C and E that keeps skin rejuvenated and help sooth tired and sensitive skin.

  • Contains Centella Asiatica Madeccasoside extract, which helps to cure problematic skin and soothes irritated and reddened skin

  • Contains Broccoli extract rich in vitamins, which able to prevents melanin pigmentation, soothes skin, relives inflammation and excretes toxins out of skin, help to prevent promote clear and even-toned skin.

Main Features:

  • Multipurpose gel with 99% bamboo extract for face and body

  • Transparent gel with light texture, fast absorption without any stickiness (lighter texture than aloe gel)

  • Instantly soothes and detoxifies irritated skin

  • Highly moisturizing


  • Hair Treatment: mix with hair treatment product and apply at the tip of your head. Able to act as a good treatment on dry hair type and sensitive scalp.

  • Can be use after shaving. It helps on cooling down sensation and left skin with a fresh feeling.

  • Nail essence: Perfect moisturizer for manicured and pedicure and who’s constantly picking and biting at their nail cuticles.

  • Eye soothing: Dampen the cotton pad and keep in fridge, then put on eye areas for soothing and alleviate swelling effects.

  • Treat minor sunburnt: Apply on any area as needed. It helps to calm down and relieves inflammation.

  • Body moisturizer: It contains Vitamin E which help to smoother and moisture your skin.

  • Make up base: use as make up primer before make up

  • Use with sheet mask to hydrate and moisturize skin

*For external use only

Skin Type:

All Skin Types

New wt: 290ml 

Weight 0,5 kg


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