What is Carbonated Water?

Carbonated water is basically water that is naturally carbonated or contains carbon dioxide. Well, in carbonated water, you will see more bubbles than other types of water. These bubbles are carbonation present in the water and can come from native springs or water sources with natural carbonation. Carbonated water or often called sparkling water is very good for facial skin care.

Some benefits of carbonated water for skin

§  Strengthens the cells between the collagen fibers, thereby making the skin firm and elastic.

§  Cleans clogged pores without damaging the skin

Not only does sparkling water help cleanse the skin in a deeper way, its carbonation helps break down the dirt and oil embedded in your pores and has real aesthetic benefits.

§  Suitable for all skin types

Carbonation will not change the pH of the skin. To help get sparkling water that is more economical and environmentally friendly. Namely by mixing CO2 into water to lower the pH level, thus making it more friendly to the skin.

§  It has no side effects because it is made from natural substances

How to use Carbonated Water

Carbonated water also doesn't have to be used every day, just once or twice a week is enough. To get optimal results, you can pour carbonated water in a clean basin, then clean your face and dip your face in carbonated water for about 10-15 seconds.

A different sensation when you use carbonated water. Like when we drink soda, carbonated water feels a little warm, bubbles fine and it feels on the skin when the face is dipped. It doesn't hurt, but the carbonated water changes the temperature so it gets a bit hot and feels a little ticklish, you could say it feels quite strange and uncomfortable.

the use of carbonated water known as 'facial sparkling' to wash the face which is considered more potent than ordinary tap water. This is because sparkling water has the same pH level as the skin, which is 5.5. So it won't irritate your face.

Soda water contains CO2 which improves the flow of blood and oxygen to the skin tissue. This encourages the body's system to function better as a whole. The skin looks healthier and smoother.

Carbonated water is gentle enough and is suitable for all skin types, but very sensitive skin may react slightly. In addition, you should avoid using carbonated liquids too often, because of its fizzing effect on the skin.