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Timoti Beauty Knowledge

The thickness and color of the skin can differ from person to person, depending on many factors - including genetics, race, age, and gender. There are also some people who have more hairy skin than others.

Essence is usually more liquid than serum. As reported by Justina Stylo.ID from the Fashionista page, essence and serum can be said to be the same product.
But, there is still a difference, Stylovers. Essences are usually lighter and have less formula concentrations than serum.

Acne on the face on the nose and forehead or T-zone, usually caused by oily skin and stress. Stressful conditions do not affect oil production but can make acne worse. In fact, lack of sleep can also cause acne in this area.

Vitamin C serum is the most popular type of serum. Everyone knows that Vitamin C is very good for the skin, so people prefer this serum to Vitamin A. The benefit of Vitamin C serum is that it works as an anti-oxidant.

Vitamin C can also work as collagen synthesis which can inhibit the aging process of the skin. Serum that contains Vitamin C also functions as an anti-inflammatory, which can treat skin that is injured due to sun exposure, acne, and so on.