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Checkout our best seller product in each of our marketplaces, namely Primaeval Bamboo Soothing Gel.

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Improve your Skin Barrier with CEP Peptide Pro Serum = Collagen, Elastin, Protein, Natural Botox

Timoti Beauty Knowledge

Bamboo Soothing Gel contains 99% bamboo extract that provides relief for fatigued and dry skin all season long. Bamboo is rich in moisture and contains anti-bacterial properties that provide a cooling effect on damaged or sumburned skin.

Timoti First Drop Mist contains 100% safe ingredients abd provides abundant moisture to skin. Made from mineral-rich glacier water, it replenishes and keeps the skin soft and glowing.

It contains Jeju Lava Deep Sea Water which from Jeju Island.
This ingredient contains rich minerals which is good for our skin and it can
help to keep our skin moist for all day without feeling any dryness and also
pamper our skin with the energy of Jeju Lava Deep Sea Water. Suitable for all
ages and all skin types.It helps minimize the signs of aging.

Our luxury CEP Peptide line has been formulated with 7 kinds of peptides. It giving your skin the appearance of being more “plump”, strengthens skin barrier and help amp up your skin cells.

Peptide is a protein composite which can be easily absorbs by skin since its particle is small and effective on enhancing elasticity with vitality on skin by the helps of activation of skin.