Dull skin is a facial condition that can be caused by several things, namely:    

  1. Pile of dead skin cells    
  2. Pollution    
  3. Wrong skin care    
  4. Exhaustion    
  5. Unhealthy lifestyle

Dull skin is usually characterized by skin characteristics such as:    

  1. Looks unhealthy    
  2. Looks tired

       Does not look bright and glowing when exposed to light

Dull skin can be overcome using ordinary skin care products. In addition, you can also do it in a simple way, including utilizing natural ingredients. However, the first thing to know is the cause behind the dull skin. From there we will find out what method is most suitable to be used to overcome it.

1.       Piles of Dead Skin Cells

Everyone loses millions of dead skin cells every day. When you rarely remove these dead skin cells by exfoliating, your skin will look darker and less bright.

The way to deal with this is to regularly exfoliate your facial skin gently once or twice a week. You can use several exfoliating products that suit your skin type. Use alpha and beta hydroxy acids to exfoliate dead skin cells. Choose one that contains soothing ingredients, such as aloe vera or bamboo to minimize irritation.

2.       Pollution

Environmental pollution can also be the cause of a dull face. Dirty air contains small particles such as dirt and sulfur dioxide or free radicals that can damage the skin. The free radicals in pollution can damage collagen, cause wrinkles and stimulate continuous pigment production.

To overcome this, routinely wash your face at least twice a day. The use of facial cleansing creams and soaps has also proven to be more effective in removing pollution nanoparticles. In the morning, you can use a serum that contains antioxidants, such as vitamin C to reduce the risk of skin damage due to free radicals before activities.

3.       Stress

Stress caused by several things can also cause skin to look dull. Stress will make cortisol increase, a negative response appears and blood flow only goes to vital organs but not to the face. This will make the face look pale and dull. The solution, try to do facial massage and relaxation while cleansing your face or applying moisturizer to stimulate blood flow.

4.       Dehydrated Skin

Dehydration of the skin certainly has a pretty bad impact. Dehydration causes a volume of blood flow to the skin which makes the skin dull, dry, and itchy.

For that, you are encouraged to always meet the fluid needs that the body needs. In addition, you can also use a serum containing hyaluronic acid using wet fingers to make the moisturizer seep into the skin.

5.       Lack of Nutrients

Skin that lacks nutrients can also be the cause of dull skin. Minerals are very important to form the body's natural antioxidants. In addition to improving a healthy diet, you can add to it by taking a daily multivitamin. It is recommended to consume products that contain selenium, copper, iron, and zinc.

6.       Too Much UV Exposure

Hyperpigmentation due to direct sun exposure can also cause uneven skin tone and look dull. This is because the collagen in the skin becomes weak. To overcome this, it is recommended that you always use sunscreen and apply it regularly if you are outside for a long time.

7.       Hormones

Dull skin can also be caused by hormones. For example, when estrogen decreases it will result in a higher proportion of testosterone so that the skin becomes more oily. Facial pores will also be closed and make the skin look dull.

You can overcome this a little by using a mask that can help remove excess oil on the skin's surface.


To treat dull skin with natural ingredients, you can use a mask regularly. There are various natural mask ingredients for dull skin, including:

·         Papaya

A mask made from a mixture of papaya and pineapple can help lift dry skin and dead skin that causes dull skin. If you routinely do this treatment once a week, your skin will look brighter and more radiant.

How to use it by mixing 1 teaspoon of fresh pineapple juice into cup of raw papaya that has been mashed. Stir until the two are well blended and then apply to the face and neck for 15-20 minutes.

·         Egg whites

To brighten dull skin, you can also use egg whites as a natural mask. The trick is to beat the egg whites until fluffy and apply evenly to the face. Wait until dry and rinse.


How, do you now know the cause of your dull skin?

If so, let's start doing some of the tips above, so that your skin becomes healthy and bright. Good luck.