What is a concealer and what are the different types?

Concealer is a make-up product that is used to cover flaws on the face. Starting from acne scars, pimples, redness, black spots, to eye bags. Compared to foundation or foundation, how to use the right concealer on the face can help cover acne, acne scars, redness, dark spots, and eye bags properly.

What are the different concealers and what do they do?

Just like lipsticks, concealers also come in various forms, including sticks, creams, and liquids. What's the difference?

1. Concealer stick

Concealer sticks are usually applied under the eyes.

The way to use this concealer is the same as when you apply lipstick on your lips. Then, you can smooth it with your fingers or a special concealer brush.

For owners of dry and sensitive skin, using a stick-shaped concealer can be an option.

2. Liquid concealer

Liquid concealer is a type of concealer that comes in a tube-like container equipped with an applicator "stick" to apply it.

The way to use this concealer is to put small dots on the area of ​​the skin that you want to cover using an applicator. Liquid concealer can be used by all skin types, including normal skin, dry skin, and oily skin, which has problems with blemishes, acne scars and eye bags. Liquid concealer has very little chance of clogging pores so it can be used for acne prone skin owners.

3. Cream concealer

Usually this type of concealer comes in a small container, such as an eyeshadow container, with a soft yet creamy texture.

You can apply it to facial skin using fingers, brush, or sponge.

What is the function of concealer?

Actually, the uses of concealers tend to vary. This depends on the preferences or needs of the user.

The functions of the concealer are as follows.

1. Disguise acne

One of the functions of concealer is to disguise acne.

Its formula, which is more concentrated than a foundation or foundation, makes it able to perfectly disguise acne and acne scars on the face. However, you need to learn how to use a concealer to cover acne so that you can get a smooth and flawless face.

2. Covering acne scars

The next function of the concealer is to cover acne scars.

The acne scars on the face are just as annoying as pimples. Well, you can cover it up by applying concealer. In principle, how to cover acne scars with concealer is the same as tips for disguising acne.

If the blemishes are inflamed, you can apply a green color corrector so that the acne scars can be fully covered.

3. Remove eye bags

The next concealer function is to remove eye bags or panda eyes.

In some cases, the use of make-up to remove eye bags is quite effective. You can use a concealer with a skin-matching color to cover the dark area under the eyes. Then, add foundation and powder for maximum results.

4. Evens out skin tone

The function of concealer in helping to even out skin tone is very important. The reason is, uneven facial skin color can certainly interfere with appearance. You can apply foundation and concealer so that the appearance of facial skin color can be evenly distributed and looks maximally flawless.

5. Disguise facial redness

Another important function of concealer is to disguise facial redness.

If you experience reddish blemishes on your face that are quite dense, you should use a color corrector concealer to enhance your complexion so that it helps even out your skin tone. Just like disguising inflamed pimples, use a green color corrector concealer. This type of color is able to neutralize strong colors, such as red.

The use of green color corrector concealer is also useful for disguising extreme colors on the skin, such as irritation or inflamed pimples.

6. Reinforce certain facial areas

Not only disguising facial flaws, the concealer function can also emphasize certain facial areas when used with certain techniques.

For example, as a base for lip color, facial contours, to emphasize eyeliner and eyebrows.

After knowing the functions of the concealer above, of course you don't want to miss it when applying makeup. Now, you're ready to meet up with friends without feeling embarrassed about acne, acne scars, eye bags, or uneven skin tone.

Make sure you choose the right type and color of concealer, yes.