Timoti’s friend, as a woman, of course, you should take care of and maintain the health of your facial skin. One way is to use various skincare products or facial skin care such as facial wash, toner, serum, and even moisturizer.

The use of these products is certainly not arbitrary, each provides its own benefits such as:

·       Toner to prepare the skin to receive further skin care

·       Serum is usually useful to disguise signs of skin aging such as fine lines or wrinkles

·       moisturizer has benefits for nourishing facial skin.

In addition to knowing the benefits of each facial skin care product, you also need to know how to apply it. Currently, there is a trend of using layers, with the aim of getting all the benefits of various skin care products. There is even a known application technique of up to 10 to 12 step, as is the trend in South Korea.

not only using 10 steps of skincare, Korea also has another method, namely by using 7 layers of toner, namely the 7 skins method. Which is currently a trend in Indonesia.

So what exactly is the "7 skin method"?

7 skin method”, is a multi-application toner technique, has been a K-beauty trend since 2017, and now it's booming again in Indonesia, because one of Indonesia's beautiful musicians actually uses this technique in her skincare routine.

The “7 skin method” has become a Korean-style skincare trend to apply light toner or essence to the face up to seven times. This is done after washing the face and before moisturizing the face. In Korean, toner is known as “skins”, so the 7 Skin Method has the same meaning as the “7 Toner Method”.

1) What is the purpose and benefit of using that much toner?

The use of this toner turns out to be useful for providing more moisture to the skin by reducing all the hassle and time it takes to use a lot of skincare. "By using toner many times, facial skin can absorb more moisturizing ingredients, and give healthy, hydrated skin."

Before using a moisturizing cream, pour toner on a cotton swab and wipe it all over the face to the neck. While the skin is still damp, pour the toner into your palms and pat it on your face up to 6 times. If you are still hesitant to use the toner 7 times, you can try it slowly starting from 3 times, 5 times, and only reaching 7 times.

The 7 skin method is safe for the skin as long as the toner or essence used is free of alcohol and acids, because toners containing alcohol can cause facial dryness and irritation. Luckily most of the newer K-beauty toners are alcohol-free and filled with hydrating and glowing skin benefits.

Another thing to know is that the quality of a product also affects the absorption of the skin. In a sense, the better the quality of the product, the faster it will absorb into the skin, so you don't have to wait too long before applying the next skincare.

7 skin methods are very effective for those of you who are busy and don't have much time to do 10 steps of Korean skincare, but still get the same benefits. Not only will this increase the hydration of your skin, but this method is light on the wallet as it doesn't use a lot of product. 

2) After 7 Skin Methods, Do I Need to Use Essence/Serum/Moisturizer?

The answer depends on the needs of your skin. For those of you who have an oily face, maybe you don't need more hydration because the 7 Skin Method has helped moisturize the face and increase the water content in the face so that the facial skin becomes soft and glowing. However, if you have very dry skin type, or are in a country with a dry climate, you can add a moisturizer afterwards. But for those of us who live in Indonesia and a humid country, you can immediately use sunscreen to protect from the sun in the morning.