On August 14, 2021 at 7 pm Indonesian time, Timoti Beauty Indonesia and Timoti Asia officially launched the latest Anti Aging Products, that’s CEP Peptide Pro and Absolute Advance Cream which were inspired by women who want to look beautiful and youthful, even though they have entered the Golden Age, online on our official Facebook social media.

Timoti Beauty Indonesia Live collaborated with Timoti Asia thats night, and then Timoti also invited Miss Naeun from South Korea to share beauty tips that Korean women usually do. And all do it by online.

This Anti Aging product launched by Timoti is made and produced directly from South Korea, and already has BPOM. So, it must be guaranteed quality and safety. Timoti's products are guaranteed to be made from the best quality natural ingredients so as to produce good quality products. Like CEP Peptide Pro which is made from a combination of 7 types of peptides that are very beneficial for the skin. Besides containing 7 types of peptides, CEP Peptide Pro also contains Carbonated Water, Sea Collagen, Centella Asiatica, Blueberry, and Niacinamide which of course are rich in benefits for the skin.

There is also Absolute Advance Cream which has the main ingredient Jeju Lava Deep Sea Water which is rich in Mineral content. So these two products are very, very helpful for those of you who have skin aging problems.

That night, Timoti not only launched a product, but also shared a lot of happiness with Timoti’s friends who has always been faithful to accompany Timoti from the beginning until now. Timoti shared many prizes such as Goodie Bags, Cash Vouchers, and the main prize was the Facial Massager Electirc. And Timoti also provides a special Launching Promo for 24 hours, that’s a Special Package for Rp. 600,000 for two CEP Peptide Pro and Absolute Advance Cream products.

Timoti really tries to give the best for Timoti's loyal customers, even providing Special Packages at amazingly affordable prices. Because the actual price of these two products is IDR 980,000 CEP Peptide Pro and IDR 800,000 for Absolute Advance Cream. Truly a Special Package on a special day for Timoti.

Timoti was very happy, because the event went smoothly and lively, many of Timoti's loyal friends watched the Live Launching from beginning until the end. It was a joy for Timoti to see how enthusiastic Timoti’s friends was that night.

Hopefully, in the future Timoti can make an Offline Launching Event, so Timoti can invite and meet face to face with Timoti's friend. We all hope that this Pandemic will end soon, and we can all carry out our activities as before.