Seeing the number of natural and organic products that are increasingly diverse, of course, will make you interested in using them to get healthy skin. But, maybe you are confused about which product is best for your skin. Besides that, do you know the difference between natural and organic products? Or have you considered it the same all this time? So that you don't choose the wrong choice, let's get to know the difference between natural and organic products.

What is natural skincare?

Natural, using extracts of natural ingredients

Products with pure natural ingredients are made completely from nature (can be in the form of plant extracts, or other natural ingredients that are good for the skin such as sea salt or volcanic mud) without the addition of chemicals. Although products usually have Latin for their ingredients, if you check them, the Latin names mean certain plants. For example, rosa centifolia, which is a type of French rose that is often used for perfume. Another example, prunus dulcis which means almond type, jasmine flower is written as Jasminum sambac, temulawak is written as Curcuma zanthorrhiza, and so on.

What is organic skincare?

Organic, using specially cultivated ingredients

Basically, organic materials also use materials that are purely taken from the natural environment. It's just the difference, organic skincare is deliberately cultivated specifically with the required experts and plantation techniques.

During the manufacturing process, it does not mix with any chemicals. However, in the process there is still a need for supervision by experts regarding environmental cleanliness who really rely on nature and hygiene.

Natural, includes a natural label on the packaging

In choosing natural products, you must pay attention to the content and packaging. Although sometimes the packaging is written as natural, the process of extracting the ingredients can be through a chemical process. Some may even add a little chemicals to effectively nourish the skin. For that, pay attention to all the ingredients, and use natural products that have been recommended by a dermatologist, usually listed in the dermatologist tested label. Pure natural products also tend to be more expensive.

Organic, has a certificate from a certain institution

Given the complexity of processing organic products, products require special supervision and are required to have certificates to ensure their products are chemical free. For example, stamp certificates from the USDA and NSF for American products, Ecocert for European products, and Biocert for Indonesian products. Because of the lengthy steps involved in making this product, it's no wonder that the price of organic products is more expensive than natural products.

How to Choose Natural and Organic Skincare

Choosing natural and organic skincare products on the market can sometimes be confusing. To choose natural skincare products, you can read the packaging label.

Pay close attention to the ingredients, whether they are really made from natural ingredients or if there are chemical additives. If so, look for those labeled "dermatologist tested".

Meanwhile, for those of you who want to buy organic skincare, just look at the certification included in the product or product packaging. Because the processing of organic skincare is quite complicated, usually there will be a supervisory and certification body required. So, you can see this certification to ensure the authenticity of the product.

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