Chinese New Year can be a special moment to look beautiful and attractive. Whether in celebration with family, as well as with friends and relatives.

To look beautiful and attractive at the Chinese New Year moment, you need to prepare a cute outfit and an on point Chinese makeup look, of course! Moreover, Chinese New Year is always synonymous with certain colors, such as red, yellow, and gold. So, make sure your makeup looks also match the clothes you will be wearing.

For those of you who are still confused about how to look makeup during Chinese New Year, some of these makeup ideas from beautyinsidersg and can be your inspiration to make you look even more beautiful!

1.     Give a Touch of Shimmer in the Eyes

A touch of feminine pink makeup can be a look that is suitable for use at any time, including Chinese New Year celebrations. You can beautify the look at the Lunar New Year moment later with the use of sweet pink eyeshadow. For a more extra look, you can add eyeshadow or gel shimmer in the middle of your eyelids to make your shine more visible. This beautiful eyemakeup look can also be combined with a glossy nude pink lipstick for the finishing touch.

2.     Explore Colored Eyeliner Styles

Tired of using the same eyeliner color? The Chinese New Year can be a time for you to try flashy colors that make your appearance more lively. If previously you only drew wing eyeliner using a regular black pen, once in a while you can try a ruby ​​red, hot pink, or neon white color that matches the Chinese New Year to change the look of your eyes as if they are ready to party. Using colored eyeliner is one of the simplest ways to make a statement on your face!

3.     Choose a Lipstick Color Matching Outfit

Lips can also be the center of attention of your makeup look. To make a beautiful and attractive appearance, you can match the color of the lipstick with the outfit used. For example, bright red lipstick like the one you use.

You can also experiment with making your own lipstick shade to match your Chinese New Year outfit. For example, combining dark red lipstick with nude lipstick for a brighter lipstick color, or adding a peach color lipstick to give it a warm tone.

4.     Rely on Lip Gloss to Steal Attention

The number of meals and snacks at the Chinese New Year will not be a barrier for you to pay more attention to lip makeup. You can still look stunning and even steal attention by using lip gloss to give a glossy touch to your lips. Add a layer of lip gloss on top of the lipstick you have used to get the effect of glass-clear lips.

5.     Go Bold with Punk Glam Style

You can try a more daring makeup look with the Punk Glam look, by applying matte black eyeshadow all over your eyelids and blending it upwards to create a paint-winged effect. You can also create the illusion of deep creases by blending the makeup with brown eyeshadow. This dark make-up can balance your lively outift on Chinese New Year.

6.     Natural Look

If you want to look simple but still elegant, you can cheat on this makeup. In this look, use foundation with a matte finish, thin eyeliner, and not too thick eyebrow pencil strokes. Next, apply light brown eyeshadow and use rose wine lipstick with a satin finish. To complete the look, braid a little hair and let the rest flow neatly.

7.     Combination of smokey eyes and red lipstick

Smokey eyes combined with gold color in eye makeup, plus natural but curly eyelashes, give a charming impression on the face. Don't forget to use a dark brown eyebrow pencil and a light blush. For a bolder look, apply a red lip matte. In addition, add accessories in the form of large box-shaped earrings that match the color of your makeup, namely smokey eyes (black) on the eyes and red on the lips.

8.     Korean Look

To create a distinctly Korean look, you don't need to use many types of makeup. First, just apply a primer before using foundation with a dewy finish, then apply compact powder for a longer lasting result. After that, apply a peach colored eyeshadow on the eyelid area and under the eyes, and curl the eyelashes to make it look fresher. For the last step, use a light pink lip gloss. The rest, use brow mascara so that the look of makeup is not excessive.

Those are some inspirations for makeup looks that are suitable for Chinese New Year, what kind of makeup will be your choice in this New Year of the water tiger. May this new year be filled with happiness, prosperity and many precious moments with loved ones. Happy Chinese New Year 2022!