Jeju Island is famous for its beautiful beaches, but who would have thought that in Jeju sea water there are minerals that are good for the skin, especially in maintaining skin elasticity and making you look younger.

Jeju seawater contains energy that has existed since 400 thousand years ago, and when formulated into skincare, these minerals will hydrate your skin, prevent the appearance of signs of premature aging and moisturize the skin to feel smooth and supple.

Jeju lava seawater penetrates into rock layers formed by volcanic activity and contains special minerals, The mineral content in Jeju seawater makes skin look younger.

Jeju clean seawater lava by natural filtration through volcanic bedrock in the eastern region of Jeju. This is Jeju's unique underground water source with economic value because it can be pulled from the ground.

Lava Seawater
Deep Seawater


Deep sea water is drawn from the deep sea floor to 200m below sea level. So it requires a large economic cost for the installation and management of pipes to draw water. However, seawater lava is pulled from terrestrial soil so that it can be developed at a relatively cheaper cost and the minerals contained in it from volcanic bedrock can be used in various fields.

Refreshing water formula when applied to the face like falling water droplets that quickly absorbs into the face and provides moisture and at the same time energizes the skin so that the skin becomes softer. Science made by nature, the story behind Jeju Lava seawater

·         Jeju Lava seawater is water that arose hundreds of thousands of years ago from Jeju lava

Jeju Lava clean seawater that emerged from Jeju volcanic rock for hundreds of thousands of years.

·         Homeostasis which keeps the temperature and pH of the water stable

Maintain composition and salt even though there are changes in the external environment.

·         Characteristics that only exist in Jeju lava seawater

Jeju lava seawater penetrates into rock layers formed by volcanic activity and contains special minerals. The mineral content in Jeju seawater makes skin look younger.

Some Benefits of Minerals for Skin Health

1.      Selenium (Se)

Selenium is believed to have an important role in the prevention of skin cancer. This mineral, which is widely available in the form of creams or supplements, can protect the skin from UV damage. Consumption of selenium and copper is also believed to prevent sunburn of skin cells.

2.      Zinc (Zinc)

The benefits of zinc (zinc) for the skin are to control oil production, heal acne faster, and treat wounds caused by acne. In addition, zinc is also needed in the formation of cell membranes and proteins, anti-inflammatory, and skin protection from UV rays. As a component of the retinol-binding protein, zinc also plays an important role in circulating vitamin A in the blood.

3.      Magnesium (Mg)

Magnesium is one of the essential minerals in the formation of skin, teeth, hair, and muscles. This mineral can help the nervous system to run optimally. In skin care products, magnesium is also useful for increasing skin elasticity and suppleness. Naturally, this mineral is contained in brown rice, almonds, and nuts.

4.      Potassium (K)

Potassium is useful for regulating water levels in body cells. Minerals, which are electrolytes, are also needed to help cells function normally. Potassium deficiency, although rare, can lead to dry skin and other skin problems.

5.      Calcium (Ca)

Not only important for bones, calcium is also needed to maintain healthy skin, you know. The most abundant mineral found in the epidermis layer can accelerate skin regeneration. That's why calcium deficiency can cause skin to appear thin, dry, and brittle. Although not an antioxidant, calcium can help prevent skin cancer, according to the National Cancer Research Institute in the United States. This is related to the ability of calcium to stimulate the formation of antioxidants and regulate skin pigment to protect against UV rays.

Minerals have many benefits that are very good for skin beauty. Skincare made from natural ingredients of course will not have side effects, and will add to the beauty of your natural skin.

Come on, start invest in your skin.