Lulur is one of the ancestral cultural heritage for Indonesian women. To experience the benefits of this scrub for yourself, you can undergo beauty treatments at a beauty salon or spa or make your own at home with easily available ingredients.

Scrub sold commercially in Indonesia is divided into two types, namely traditional scrubs and modern scrubs. Traditional scrubs are made from spices and flour with a rough texture that are used by rubbing and rubbing slowly all over the body.

Meanwhile, modern body scrubs are made of scrub grains with lotions that are mostly made from milk. Many modern scrubs also use extracts of natural ingredients so they are practical to use and can be stored longer.

Benefits of scrubs for beauty

  •       Brighten skin
  •       Tighten skin
  •       Eliminate body odor
  •       Removes scars
  •       Relax

Here's complete information on how to make natural scrubs from fruits, help keep skin healthy and charming.

1.      Mango Scrub


How to make a natural scrub from fruits, you can first use mango. This fruit is known to be effective for removing dull skin problems.

Simply cut 2-3 ripe mangoes and mix them with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Apply on the skin of the hands to the feet and massage for a few minutes to be more relaxed. Let stand for about 5 minutes, then rinse with clean water while showering.


2.      Pineapple Scrub


How to make a natural scrub from the next fruit you can choose pineapple. Similar to mangoes, pineapples are also effective in overcoming dull skin. How to get the benefits is quite simple, cut a pineapple and mix it with 2 teaspoons of olive oil and parsley.

Mix using a blender, then apply to all parts of the body while rubbing using a scrub pad. Massage for about 3-4 minutes before washing it off with warm water.


3.      Banana Scrub


Bananas are not only delicious as a variety of delicious snacks but are also effective for treating dull skin problems. Mash a banana and mix it with raw milk and oatmeal to taste. Stir until thickened and form a paste. Apply to the skin all over the body as a scrub while gently massaged for a few minutes. Then, rinse with water until clean.


4.      Papaya Scrub


Famous for being rich in nutrients, it turns out that papaya is not only delicious to eat and good for health. But it can also be used for beauty treatments, one of which is overcoming rough and scaly skin.

Cut a small piece of papaya and mix it with 1 teaspoon of mashed tomato and lemon juice. Then use this mixture to scrub before bathing. Do this natural treatment at least once a week for maximum results.

5.      Grape Scrub


The next way to make natural scrubs from fruits is to use grapes. The steps are quite easy to follow at home, you just need to crush some grapes and mix it with 1 tablespoon of milk cream and 1 gram of flour.

Use a scrub pad to rub it all over the body until the oil and dirt that sticks out are gone. Continue to clean it while bathing.


6.      Strawberry Scrub


It is common knowledge that strawberries are one of the fruits that are often used as a basic ingredient for making skin care on the market. You can also take part in taking the good benefits of strawberries for the health of your skin.

Mash 2 strawberries and mix them with 1 tablespoon of fresh yogurt. Use a scrub pad and gently massage this mixture all over the body, especially the hands and feet. Wait a few minutes before rinsing. Repeat this natural treatment twice a month to get healthy and beautiful skin.


How? Easy and practical isn't it about how to make this fruit scrub? Hopefully useful and good luck.