Applying eyeliner is a little tricky for some people. Especially for those who are beginners. Sometimes it can be smudged, sometimes it is not symmetrical between the right eye and the left eye.

For those of you who are beginners in applying eyeliner, it's a good idea to know several types of eyeliner so you can know the right way to use them.

Here are some types of eyeliner and how to apply them:

Pencil eyeliner

Pencil eyeliner is the most popular type of eyeliner and it's easy to apply. But on the other hand, it doesn't last long, so you have to thicken it often if you are busy all day. This pencil type eyeliner is suitable for those of you who are beginners. This is because it is easy to use it which is easy and will not overflow like liquid eyeliner or other types of eyeliner.

Buying a pencil eyeliner also means you have to buy a sharpener too. The pencil each time you want to use it. This is useful for avoiding and getting rid of bacteria that could have stuck to the previous use. But don't be too sharp like sharpening a pencil to write, because it can make hurt the skin in the eye area because of the sharpness.

How to choose an Eyeliner Pencil:

1.       Choose with soft texture

Although at first glance the shape is the same as a pencil, pencil eyeliner from various brands has different textures and levels of hardness. The ideal pencil eyeliner is one that is softer than the hard one, because the hard texture will make it difficult to apply, so you need to press and pull hard on the eyelid. This is certainly not ideal, apart from being painful, remember that the eye area is more sensitive.

Try it first the texture of the pencil on the back of the hand, is it soft enough and looks real when applied? Or, you can always choose a pencil eyeliner that doesn't need to be crocheted (retractable / matic / auto / mechanical) to make it easier and choose a waterproof formula.

2.       Select the color

If you are still unsure and are still trying, you can choose a lighter gray or brown color than black which will look more fierce and darker to your eyes, especially if your eyes tend to be small, narrow, or have monolid eyelids (have no folds).


Brown eyeliner pencils are also popular, you know, for creating Korean-style makeup. See how natural the thin line of brown pencil eyeliner that frames the eyes is?

Apart from black, grays, and browns, there are also white pencil eyeliner which is popular to be applied to the waterline (the inside of the lower lash line) which can create the illusion of fresh, big eyes.

For a fun look, you can also choose pencil eyeliner in blue, green, or purple to frame your lids.

How to use it:

1. Make sure you are in a comfortable and stable position. Place your elbows on a flat surface to prevent shaking of your hands to ensure an even application.

2. Apply a matte base eyeshadow. This provides a great canvas for your eyeliner as the color of the lids is even.

3. Gently hold the outer corner of your eye. This trick can help you apply your eyeliner evenly.

4. Apply eyeliner to the upper eyelid. Place the pencil as close to the lash line as possible and slowly make dots or lines on the lids, only then in bold. You can skip the way to use eyeliner if you don't think it's necessary. a thin line from the outer corner to the innermost corner.

5. Apply the pencil to the lower eyelid. Place the pencil as close to the lash line as possible while avoiding the edge of the eye. Slowly and gently, draw a thin line starting from the outermost corner to the innermost corner.

6. Connect the lines only at the outer corner of the eye.

7. Soften the lines on your upper and lower lids. This will make the appearance softer. Use a brush, cotton swab, or your fingers to soften the lines that have been drawn.

8. Add highlights to the eyes. If you want to make your eyes even more eye-catching, apply a little white eyeliner or eyeshadow at the corners of your lids.

9. Repeat the same application process on the other eye.

10. Correct any mistakes. If you make a mistake, correct it with a cotton ball and a little eye makeup remover. You can use a little foundation on the tip of the cotton swab. This way, you won't be deleting much of your work.

In the early days, you may not immediately get the perfect results you desire. But with lots of practice, of course you will become adept at wearing eyeliner!