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20 Dec VIP Membership
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TIMOTI VIP Card Nikmati banyak keuntungan 30% Menjadi VIP Membership!!!!   Hanya dengan berbelanja sebanyak Rp. 2.250.000 (diakumulasikan dalam jangka waktu 1 bulan) akan mendapatkan kartu VI..
18 Jan Timoti Tips : Comedo
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WHY CAN FACE COMEDO?Blackheads are small lumps that appear in the pores of the skin. Blackheads are formed due to clogging of skin pores by dead skin cells and sebum (oil). This sebum is produced by..
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HOW TO USE MINERAL WATER AS A NATURAL SKINCARE1.       Use between the cleansing and moisturizing process of the faceCompared to washing and rinsing your face with mineral water, an economical method ..
15 Sep Timoti Tip : How to Overcome Pimple
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How to Overcome PimplePimple actually has a broad understanding !! One of themPimple is a term for a facial condition in the form of a lump or texturerough surface due to clogging of dead skin cells. ..
21 Nov Timoti Beauty Indonesia First Indoor Event as Sponsorship
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Hi Girls !.Welcome again to Timoti's blog diary. It's such a great memory to share with all of you. OMG ... you're beautiful. Have you heard about this icon ???yes, this is the beauty 911 icon, one st..
16 Jan Timoti Tip : All about Oily Skin
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What is oily skin?Oily skin is a condition when the sebaceous glands produce too much oil in the skin. As a result, the skin looks shiny and shiny. Actually oil helps keep skin moist, but if it prod..
18 Jun Timoti Tips : Magic Of Bengkoang
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Magic Of YamBased on the contents, the following benefits of yam mask for the skin:Bengkoang is a type of tuber that is not only popular to eat but is also often used in the field of beauty. The reaso..
23 Jun Timoti Tips : Red Roses
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RED ROSESWhat is Mawar?Rose is a type of shrub that comes from the Genus rosa as well as being the name of the flower produced by this plant. The rose consists of 5 petals with the exception of Rosa s..
28 Jan TIMOTI Berbagi kasih
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TIMOTI Berbagi kasih Hi Beauty Lovers, See you again in Timoti's Blog "Always Happening !!In January Timoti held a love sharing event at the Nursing Home located in the South Jakarta area, namely Nu..
20 Sep First Outdoor Event
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Timoti Beauty Indonesia First Outdoor Event : Dating with Timoti Pop BearSENTUL: Let’s turn back time to the day we all met Timoti’s very own bear, Mr Pop. It’s Timoti very first time to hold an outdo..
06 Feb VVR
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Ring For Valentine's Day ! Timoti has brought you 3 romantic Rosacactus videos to celebrate this special day! Rosacactus has the power to embrace love and resolve conflicts between couples. You can be..
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YOU NEED TO KNOW !!BENEFITS OF THE TEA TREE OIL It is no secret that tea is a plant that has many benefits for itbody. Starting from green tea, black tea, to white tea, each has propertiesalone. Then,..
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